Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Diy French Grain Sack Bar Stools

Who isn't obsessed with burlap and grain sacks right now?  And it's super easy to make your own pillows, bulletin boards, stools, you name it!  Since actual grain sacks can get pricey, we covered these stools we purchased from Target with hand-painted grain sacks we found a while back at a darling website,  (And Andrea's artful, vintage-inspired packaging of the grain sacks was the icing on our burlap cake!)  Just unscrew the seat, cut the grain sack around the desired design large enough so you can wrap the seat like a present, and staple-gun (one of our favorite tools!) it to the back.  (You don't even need to be neat about it!)  
Now that's ca-yoot!


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