Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Do It Yourself Moss Numbers or Letters

We're calling it "moss-ogram"; we just love the look of moss letters and numbers.  Initials are an adorable home accent resting on the mantle or hanging over a door.  And, moss numbers are a rustic chic way to label tables at a wedding or party.  So, when our mom called two weeks before our brother's winery celebration in desperate need of centerpiece ideas, we whipped out the hot glue gun and got down to business.  Here's what you need for this quick and easy project...
a great way to spend a rainy Fall afternoon!


1. Wooden numbers or letters (JoAnn's Fabric and Craft Supply, Michael's or Hobby Lobby)
2. Supermoss Sheet MUCH better than moss clusters.  For 6" letters, one bag will cover 2 letters.  (Find it at JoAnn's for $3.99 or on Amazon) (
3. Hot glue gun and LOTS of extra glue sticks
4. Scissors
5. Ribbon (if you are going to hang your letters) -or- Wooden bases - We used a cedar log  (Smells like Christmas!) and recommended having Lowe's saw it, although Lo has been known to saw wood floor samples in our Manhattan apartment a time or two.
6. Drill

The How:
1. Generously hot glue the face of the number and press it firmly on the sheet of moss.  Tricks for working with hot glue: be aggressive, lots of glue and work fast!!

2. Cut the moss around the number leaving a generous border to wrap over the back face.
3. Add glue to the side and back face of the number and fold the moss over the back one section at a time.

4. Continue gluing and folding until the back face is covered. Don't worry if the back isn't entirely wrapped; it's easy to fix!
5. Add extra moss as necessary to fill in any holes.  Cut pieces of moss from your scrap pile to fill in larger gaps.

WARNING: The moss makes a pretty big mess, but fortunately its a forgiving medium to work with, and easy to cover mistakes!

5. Spray the letters with Krylon Matte Adhesive to prevent shedding. (DON’T use a spray glue like 3M Spray Adhesive; it creates a disastrous white paste rather than drying clear.)

6. We love the letters hanging from ribbon (especially if its burlap ribbon, you can never have too much burlap!) Or, to add wooden bases, we recommend using a log with great bark like birch or cedar.

7.  Pre-drill a hole in the bottom of the base and the bottom of each number.

8. Drill a screw through the bottom of the base and number to hold it firmly in place. One screw will do!! (Truth be told...our extremely handy and project-oriented Dad helped us with this advanced step.  We recommend finding a man that knows his way around the work bench, but that's whole 'nother blog!)

9.  And, remember ladies, nobody likes an untrimmed bush!! Use the scissors to trim excess or scraggly moss. 

Voila!  Charming numbers or letters for a fraction of the retail price!  

A big, moss covered thank you to for great tips on this DIY project!

And it goes so far beyond table numbers!  A few ideas to excite and inspire you:

Hanging on burlap ribbon (as if the moss-ogram initials aren't cute enough!)  Purchase these for $115/set on Etsy at
That's exactly how we feel.  Photo by Emily Steffen (
Stainless steel baby pots add to the the rustic-chic charm.  (
Another beautiful way to display table numbers (photo origin unknown)
Cursive covered letters for chairs
 (Available at Etsy for $45/set at (
Pottery Barn Live Moss Letters, $79/ letter (
Pottery Barn Live Moss Letters, $79/ letter (


  1. These look fantastic! Another great idea for moss-covered numbers and letters. I'm glad you were able to take some tips from my tutorial. Love your blog. Cheers!

    1. Thanks, Sarah, for the great idea and tips! They were a big hit at the party!! We appreciate the support! xox Liz and Lo


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