Monday, October 15, 2012

Zara Home is here!

We first went crazy for Zara Home when we passed one of their stores in London in 2008.  But obviously, due to the exchange rate it made no sense to pay 2x the price for a textured white pillow there and then cart it home.  Fast forward to last week when the online store opened in the U.S.  Cue extreme happiness.  

The serene and bold palettes, incredible mix of textures, and great value we have come to love from their clothing line easily transitions into Zara's bedding and home collection.  Try and tell us it is not fabulous.  Just try.  See for yourself at  The only question we still have is when will the wedding registry be set up?


Come right in.  
Oh this?  We do it every morning for breakfast.  
Can we get you some tea?
Fur the love of God.  
Matte and shine.  Be still our hearts.  
The only thing cuter than Zara Home?  Baby Zara Home. 

Oh these old things?  We've had them for years.

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