Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to Travel : Sage Advice from MOM

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(Sorry for the delay in posting; we just got back from the most amazing trip to Mexico for our brother's wedding!!  Our new sister-in-law layered the experience with so many heartfelt details; lots of inspiring pics of the beautiful weekend to follow!)

But before we left, in preparation for our trip, our mom sent us this e-mail that was just too precious not to share.  In fact, one of our biggest regrets in life is not creating a reality TV show starring our mom, Susan (a.k.a. "The Suz" as we lovingly call her).  She is a Queens-born, Long Island-raised "hoot and a half" who has a saying for everything and no filter.  She is the most special kind of mom, the kind that relishes in sending "marching orders" as she calls them: a list of instructions on how to do life's most self-explanatory tasks and inevitably includes "WATCH YOUR WALLETS" in all caps.

Lo joked when we received this e-mail, "We should post this on the blog in case people need to know how to travel."  Spoiler alert: our favorite part is when she writes, "I called the hotel, and supposedly, we don't need electrical adapters, but I am bringing them anyway."

To know her is to love her, so here is a sampling of her poetry so you can love her the way we do.  Isn't a mother's love beautiful? Enjoy...

"Subject: Mexico

Hi Guys:  Okay...here are your marching orders.  PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW CAREFULLY.  Use this weekend and next to get ready, both at home and at work.
* Your flight is leaving from ___.  Because it is international, YOU NEED TO BE THERE 2 HOURS BEFORE, WITH LICENSE AND PASSPORT IN HAND!!!  American declared bankruptcy a month ago and they have been canceling flights at the last minute.  Hopefully all will run smoothly, going and coming.  Carry-on luggage would not be a bad idea.... MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CURRENT LUGGAGE TAGS ON SUITCASES.  Take care of that this weekend.
* When you arrive in Cabo, which is a smaller airport, the "locals" will be all over you, selling rides and tours, etc.  IGNORE them and WATCH YOUR WALLETS.  Supposedly there will be a shuttle that will take you and others to the hotel, which is about an hour away.  There will be no meals until dinner, so eat a good breakfast at the airport, and carry plenty of food, snacks, sandwich to eat mid day.  You may have to wait at the Cabo airport for the shuttle and other people.  Once you get to Mexico, it is imperative that you are careful what you eat and drink.
* I called the hotel, and supposedly, we don't need electrical adapters, but I am bringing them anyway.  There are no toiletries in the room, so bring whatever you will need.  PACK MEDS IN CARRY-ON.  DO NOT BRING ANYTHING VALUABLE!!!!.  No good jewelry, etc.  Other than the wedding, it is extremely casual.  Don't bring a lot of stuff.  Make sure you take jacket/sweater for the airports and the nights get cool.  Also, it tends to be windy there.  Check weather a few days out.
That's it for now.  Use this weekend wisely.  Love, MOM"

(Notice she signs "MOM" in all caps.)  

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