Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mexico Must-Haves for Overpackers Anonymous

You know those women who, no matter where they're going or for how long, always fit everything neatly into a strategically packed carry-on?  We are not those women.

Ever since airlines initiated the overweight bag fee, the suspense on The Biggest Loser has had nothing on us.  It doesn't matter if we're traveling for a month or a day; after showing our IDs, the lights dim, the music starts, we hurl our bulging bags with enough outfits to clothe our entire hometown onto the scale, and wait.  Since we're allowed 50 lbs of luggage before we're charged a fee, we typically weigh in right around the 49.5.  (This is not our first rodeo; we've played this game many-a-time.)

We are the worst kind of traveler.  And we know it.  But if the plane goes down and we get stranded on an island with our fellow passengers and the lochness monster, suddenly you'll be asking to borrow our face wash too.  (Ok, maybe we watched way too much Lost.)

Oh, we know the consequences.  We have lost our luggage.  (We found ourselves without underwear in Israel.)  We've carried our behemoth kaboodles up and down the stairs of Penn Station.  And we've rolled them up and down Europe's cobblestone streets and the boardwalks of Fire Island.  But when you can't decide what to take at midnight the night before you leave, it just seems like such a good idea to throw it all in and decide when you get there.

We've read the articles on "packing smart" and we find them preposterous.  One jacket worn three ways?  What if we spill on day one?  It's too much pressure.  

And still, with our brother's destination wedding next week, we're trying to cure our ways.  Thus, we created a visual wish list of our "Mexico Must-Haves" to streamline our packing for the trip.  Sure, the lime green passport holder may not be considered an "essential", but if we get stranded, Jack or Sawyer could always use the leather to cobble protective shoes.

From top left: Natori Amadala Caftan, Sale $120 (Neiman Marcus); Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15, $22.50 (Sephora); Sequin Deco Equestrian Hinged Bangle, $28 each (Nordstrom); Burt’s Bees After Sun Soother, $9.99 (; mar Y sol Panama Crocheted Striped Tote, $95 (Bloomingdale’s); Lola Cruz Flat Sandal in Cuero, $225 (; Miraclesuit Asymmetrical One Piece in White, $150 (Everything But Water); Women's Linen-Blend Wide Leg Pants in White, $29.94 (Old Navy); Lauren Ralph Lauren Passport Cover Newbury Leather in Lime, $48 (Bloomingdale’s); Marc by Marc Jacobs Ben Stripe Terry Top, $158 (; Merona Gradient Brown Lens Sunglasses inTortoise/Gold Frame, $16.99 (Target); Anya Hindmarch Ipanema Straw Clutch (Nordstrom- sold out, other colors available)

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