Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Good, The Plaid, and the Beautiful

Is it possible to have too much tartan?  Don't be ridiculous.  From luxuries to living to L.L. Bean, we just cannot get enough, especially this time of year.  Way back when, in Scotland, certain highland tartans were associated with specific regions because local weavers made use of the natural dyes in that area.  Now, we associate all of them with tried and true cold weather chic.  Because these plaids are so traditional, we love them draped in unique silos and situations to give them a modern edge.  Don't be afraid to mix, match and layer them up; with so much print and plaid mixing right now, more is more.  Can you hear the bagpipes?

Obviously forgot her chaps.  Image origin unknown.  
tartan.  runner.
Amazing.  Photo courtesy of
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They definitely called each other beforehand.
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Eh?  Image origin unknown.
Ralph Lauren Home Archives, "Noble Estate" Dining Room
Ralph Lauren Home Archives, "Noble Estate" Dining Room
The late Princess Diana.  Photo courtesy of
Tartan on the tĂȘte.  Photo origin unknown.  
Tartan blankets.
Wrap me up.  Photo courtesy of
Beep beep.  Photo courtesy of  
Suuuuuch a cute idea.
Gettin' hitched in plaid.  Photo origin unknown.  
Just on my way to play some violin in this here skirt.  Photo origin unknown.  
Photo origin unknown.
Awrite! Guid mornin!
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Black turtleneck w/red tartan skirt-classic
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Great with dots. Image courtesy of

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  1. What beautiful images. I want to buy all of the tartan shirts on jcrew right now!


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