Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Party

Mondays are rough, so we're throwing a party!  As a thank you to you, our readers, for allowing us to give back through doing what we love, we're hosting a small get-together.  It's a virtual fete, and we're serving a feast for the eyes.  We first got the idea when we saw this amazing Alice and Olivia dress at Bloomies.  Liz asked Lo, "Where can I wear that?", and when we came up with nothing (after seriously considering it as if it was remotely in our budget!), the idea of the blog ball was born.  Please enjoy, and let us know if we can get you anything at all. 

Getting ready.  Image courtesy of
Just wear it all.
Image courtesy of
Perfect holiday nails: check!
These Jimmy Choo's will be alright.  
Too much?  Nah.
Okay, let's go.
 Image courtesy of
On our way.  Image courtesy of
May we get you a drink?
 Image courtesy of
(We found some great hosting tips on this blog!)
Mingle amongst yourselves.
Please take a seat.
Image courtesy of Lisa Luby Ryan via
Sequined tablecloth?  Why yes.
Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

Yup, a hot chocolate bar. 
Don't be silly; of course Elizabeth Taylor shows up in Christian Dior!
Kissy kissy.  
Awwww sleepy?  Image courtesy of
Thank you for coming!  Please get home safely.
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  1. Love all these images! Totally gets me in the holiday spirit!

  2. Wonderful blog Liz!! You should put a RSS feed on your blog so people can use reader to follow your blog. Hope all is well. Come visit Chicago soon!

    1. Thanks, Jen!! You might have to teach me how to do that! And will do -

  3. amazing inspiration!!!

  4. This post has so much eye candy! Love it!! :)


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