Wednesday, December 5, 2012

That's a Wrap!

Time to think outside the box (pun intended!).  Done with your shopping?  (Yeah, right!)  For us, the actual present is only half of the gift.  We believe, just like clothes, a present's wrapping speaks about who you are and expresses your love to the recipient.  Remember when you were little how exciting it was (and still is!) to rip into that delicately folded paper?  The wrapping, or unwrapping for that matter, is part of the experience.  So don't just settle for a standard roll or (gasp!) curling ribbons.  Unwind with twine (too much?)...  what we're saying is, wrapping gifts up can be just as much fun.

Our favorite, go-to tools and techniques:

1.  We're with Maria: brown paper packages are one of our favorite things too!  We're big believers in craft paper: it's inexpensive with a rustic, chic appearance.  Add stamps, cutouts (great tip at the website below), or leave it clean and let the ribbon do the talking.  You can't go wrong!

Learn more about this DIY wrapping idea at

2.  We cannot say enough about twine.  That's really all we have to say.  Get a roll (or two or three!) in medium width; you will use it more than you can imagine.  (It doubles as darling ornament string or wrap it around a wine bottle for your next holiday party!  We could go on...)

Don't forget the doily!  Image courtesy of

3.  We've said this before about interiors, but's it's a design principle we believe in: bring the outside in. Pull a branch off a pine tree and watch the mouths drop (really!).

You're welcome.  Image courtesy of
4.  Try out different tags.  Basic is beautiful, but we also heart the letterpress printed tags (below) we found from Kimberly FitzSimons.  And how dear (and resourceful!) is that tag stamp?  

Kimberly FitzSimons Holiday Letterpress Gift Tags available at

Eco-friendly and darling!  Image origin unknown.  Similar available here.
5.  Let your string sing (have you walked the Michael's ribbon aisle lately?).  The possibilities are endless...

Yarn!  Image courtesy of

Divine Twine is the new decorating darling.  Available at

Thick herringbone ribbon in a pop color is oh so elegant.  Image and idea courtesy of

Bring fashion's neon trend to your presents.  Image and idea courtesy of  

6.  Ever tried wrapping with fabric?  You can use anything from a traditional tartan to an old cable knit sweater (make sure to tape the edges!).

Wrapping with fabric.  Image courtesy of
Wrapping with fabric.  Image courtesy of

7. And don't forget the tape!  Remember in the oldendays when people used to use clear?

Washi Japanese Masking Tape available at

Happy wrapping!




  1. So cute! My bother has done some of the most awesome fabric present wrapping I've ever seen... I wish I had a photo!

    1. Thanks Leah! Take a picture next time he does it - we would love to see!

  2. I love your choices! I wish I had the time and patience to wrap gifts like that!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

    The Purse Snatcher 

    1. Of course - we will continue to follow it! Thanks, Sarah!


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