Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting a New Fitness Routine in 2013

With 2013 underway, we are so excited to feature Jacquelyn from one of our favorite fitness and nutrition blogs, Fitsouffle, with her professional tips on starting a fitness routine in 2013.  As we mentioned on Thursday, Jacquelyn lives in Chicago and is a NASM certified personal trainer and Fletchers Pilates teacher, among other accolades.  For years she has motivated us to live our healthiest lives, so we couldn't wait to share her genius with you!  

"Happy Holidays! I am so honored to be sharing on Celeste and Pearl today. I grew up with these wonderful, generous, intelligent, and fashionable sisters. They are quite the duo. I am the blogger behind Fitsouffle, Jacquelyn. Nice to meet all of you! With 2013 here, the buzz about resolutions starts. Here are some tips from a fitness professional to help you be as successful as possible in the New Year.

Starting a new fitness routine in 2013?

Some tips from Fitsouffle:

1) Set small achievable goals: For example, "This week I am going to try a new class, next week I am going to workout 2x."

2) Set big picture goals: "In 6 months I will run a 10k." (Make them achievable!)

3) Tell a friend your plan so you have someone to be accountable to and she/ he can help motivate you! Better yet, have that friend go with you to some classes. The buddy system is a great way to stay consistent.

4) Try a variety of exercise classes: boot camp, Pilates, yoga, swimming, boxing, tai chi, spinning, TRX. I don’t believe the people who say I don’t like to exercise; they just haven’t found their preferred form. Keep trying, you will find something you like and an instructor who knows how to motivate YOU!

5) Have proper equipment and gear. The right shoes for your feet can prevent pain and injury. The right bra for your size can prevent back pain and discomfort.

6) Get yourself some new music for the gym! The right music can motivate you, excite you, and keep you moving.

7) Have a gym bag with everything you need it… having a well equipped bag can get you to the gym and take out the excuse of, “I don’t have the right bra with me.”  Suggestions:

(From left) *Bag, Reading material, Water Bottle, Underwear (extra pair for after or in case you aren’t wearing a great pair for exercise), Sports Bra, Band-Aids, Bobby Pins, Hair Ties, Hairbrush, I-pod, Ear buds, Socks, Face Cleansing Wipes, Deodorant, Body Splash (if you are running errands afterwards), Athletic Watch, Pre/ post workout snacks.

*Lululemon makes a great workout bag. It comes with a removable bag inside for wet clothing for post workout, lots of little pockets to stay organized, and a small zipper pocket, which is great to stash jewelry.

Good luck in starting a program, keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle. If you are in need of some exercise programs and healthy recipes you can always ask or visit me at Fitsouffle!"


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