Friday, January 25, 2013

Why We Do This Blog

Happy Friday!

Did you see The View today? (We may or may not record daytime talk shows while we're at work and watch them when we get home!) The show featured a story about a brother and sister reunited after 65 years! As kids, Clifford and Betty were split up and sent to different foster homes. The cutest part: a 7-year-old was the catalyst to their reunion! And Betty is from St. Louis toboot!  This story tugged at our heartstrings and reminded us why we are donating the proceeds from Celeste & Pearl to Angels Arms, a local charity in our hometown of St. Louis that is dedicated to keeping siblings together in foster homes. (We couldn't find the clip from The View online, but Good Morning America covered the story as well, which you can see below.) The bond between siblings is one of the most special; we hope you continue to follow us as we support Angels Arms in their quest. (And of course check out our advertisers who pay the bills!)  And call your brother or sister. Have a beautiful weekend!  

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