Wednesday, February 20, 2013

diy: drying flowers

Liz displays the flowers her fiance gave her for Valentine's Day last year in a Mason jar in their guest bedroom. Pint Ball jars from Fishs Eddy.  

Are your Vday flowers (lucky girl!) at their peak and about to head south?  Since we're not keen on faux flowers (and can be a little overly sentimental at times), we're fans of drying flowers from meaningful bouquets. Roses of all colors look compelling cut short and arranged in Mason jars (what don't we put in Mason jars?!).

An engagement bouquet lasts even longer dried.

To dry your flowers, remove excess foliage and hang them upside-down to preserve the color in a warm, dry place (we use the back of our closets) for five to fourteen days.  When it comes time to arrange them for display, be extra gentle as dried flower petals are fragile and fall off easily.  (For a more detailed tutorial, we suggest the Martha Stewart archives here.)

Liz displays dried lavender from L'Occitane en Provence in her bathroom
in a Pottery Barn galvanized metal watering can (old, similar here).  

Or for $15 you can buy dried lavender (Liz's fave!) from a L'Occitane store, which both of us display in our bathrooms. Happy drying!


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