Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good Sport

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When our new sister Casey asked us to help decorate our brother and her new house in Austin, we immediately started selecting color schemes, throw pillows, etc. As per usual in our creative endeavors, we got a little carried away and started mocking up various options for her to choose from. What we failed to anticipate (and include in our Photoshopped version of their living room) is that no matter how cute the pillows, our brother Benji would inevitably throw his Tijuana-made St. Louis Rams throw over the sofa and ruin the whole vision. Womp womp. But, fear not gentlemen (and ladies too!), sports do have a place in beautiful homes, and they need not be confined to flat screen TVs during the Super Bowl.  Here are some of our favorite "man cave" essentials to add a little vintage charm to your abode and make your sports fan feel right at home. And when your man starts to hang his framed jersey or newspaper article from when his favorite team won the World Series (yes, they all have this crap, except Cubs fans of course since they haven't won in over 100 years!) take a deep breath, and make it work!! If you have a great partner, you've already won.  (Vintage sports photos courtesy of  

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