Sunday, March 24, 2013


We'll take any excuse to get crafty! Remember when Easter eggs were just simply dyed?  Not anymore! We hope the below egg-spiration (too many egg puns?) inspires and delights you. Happy Easter (and while we're at it, Happy Passover too!). 

Ohhhh ombre colored eggs courtesy of
Wrap it up! Bakers twine eggs courtesy of
Avoid messy paint with these fabric covered eggs courtesy of
No-dye dot eggs courtesy of
Golden marbled eggs courtesy of
Watercolor eggs and tutorial courtesy of
Polka dotted eggs courtesy of
Sprinkle egg courtesy of
This little guy courtesy of
Doily stenciled eggs courtesy of
How lady-like! Lace eggs courtesy of
Decoupage eggs and tutorial courtesy of
Speckled pastel eggs.  Image origin unknown.
Amazing embroidered eggs courtesy of
You know how we feel about twine! Crochet-covered eggs courtesy of
Speckled butterfly eggs courtesy of
Calligraphy eggs courtesy of
They're permanent! Black and white Sharpie eggs courtesy of
Love these creative chalkboard eggs courtesy of
The designers in us adore these
Pantone eggs and tutorial courtesy of
Stand clear of the closing doors. (Makes us miss NYC!) NY Subway eggs courtesy of


  1. thanks so much for sharing my crochet eggs! great collection of happy, happy eggs here!

  2. Of course, Anne! It's our pleasure; they're amazing!

  3. Really love all these pictures! Great ideas for me to use tomorrow and saturday when I decorate eggs with the fam!

    - Emily

    1. Glad you enjoy them, Emily! Happy Easter to you and your fam!


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