Monday, June 10, 2013

Our Mom Sends Us Obituaries

Does you mom send you articles?  Our's sends us obituaries.  The latest one came in an e-mail that just read, "WOW... wish I knew her!"  She reads them almost as religiously as she reads The New York Times Weddings & Celebrations section.  We first learned of her hobby a few years ago when we were home from college and she exclaimed, "You'll never guess who died?!"  Someone close to us?  "Vera Wang's father," she said matter-of-factly.  She proceeded to pull out a two-page article about an asian man's life, only at the very end of which mentioned he was the father of fashion designer Vera Wang.  Below, a link to the most recent obituary she sent us featuring Antonia "Toni" Larroux, whose spunk seemed to rival that of our's truly.  

And if you missed past posts on "The Suz", you can get to know her here.  In a nutshell, one of our biggest regrets in life is not creating a reality TV show starring our mom, Susan (a.k.a. "The Suz" as we lovingly call her).  She is a Queens-born, Long Island-raised "hoot and a half" who has a saying for everything and no filter(And we love her for it.)  


  1. HA! Your mom sounds amazing. I love that she sends you the obituaries -- they were some pretty awesome folks, right? They should be remembered.

  2. there is still time for the reality show. or just a twitter account. "SuzSays". :)


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