Tuesday, July 9, 2013

After the Goal: Now What?

Running our first half marathon
Anybody can set a goal.  "I want to start a business...  I want to lose 5 lbs...  I want to start a blog..."  But the day-in, day-out grind to achieve any ambition is where the real success, or failure, lies.  We just set a goal to run our second half marathon in September.  (Lo is a better runner than Liz, but we're novice to intermediate at best.)  When we did our 7-mile training run this past Saturday while vacationing in Florida, though, the air was thick and hot (our phones told us it felt like 95 degrees!), and needless to say Liz was ready to throw in her cabana striped towel.  So how do you stay motivated (and worse: disciplined) after the goal but before the glory?  Forbes suggests the below 6 ways to achieve any goal:

  1. Look at it. (Read: Pinterest!) 
  2. Tell people. (Why do you think we're writing this?)
  3. Break it up.  (For our half marathon, we're following Hal Higdon's half marathon training program and taking it one run at a time.)
  4. Set a date.  
  5. Be realistic.  (Our grandma asked us if we will win the race!  We will not.)
  6. Commit to yourself.  (During those inevitable, tough moments, it helps to remind ourselves why we're pushing in the first place.)

And last, but certainly not least, we're always more successful with a partner in crime.  (When Liz stopped running this past Saturday, Lo just asked "Don't you want to finish?"  She did.)

What goals are you working to achieve?  


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