Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bridal Guide Mag Features John and Liz's Wedding Registry!

We promised we wouldn't turn the blog into wedding central when Liz got engaged, but we couldn't resist sharing the Sep/Oct issue of Bridal Guide magazine, which features John and Liz's wedding registry!  They (especially John!) felt so honored to be chosen and love the way the page turned out.  Truth be told, Liz may have had a certain interior designer sister manning the registry gun in Bloomingdale's Home, but selflessly she let John have all the glory in the article.  (What are pinch hitters and maids of honor for?)  Thanks, Lolo.   


  1. Hi Liz! So glad you like the page. It was so great working with you on this project for Bridal Guide!-Robin

    1. Hi Robin! Thanks so much! You did an amazing job with the spread; it looks great! Thanks again for featuring us!!


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