Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gifts for Guys

"Boys won't listen... they're like pneumonia...farting and fighting... boogers and bugs... booooyyyyyssss eeeeaaaaaah!" -The Little Rascals

They're also hard to shop for! So here's a round-up of our favorite gifts, both DIY and ready to buy.  Because it's the thought that counts, but also the present. And because, despite how they smell, we love them to pieces.  

FREE PRINTABLE DATE CARDS for every month of the year.  J.CREW XO BOXERS that say it all.  DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB MEMBERSHIP so he's kissably smooth!  SUGAR PAPER BE MINE HEART for your sweet nothings. (Because a handwritten note is the best gift of all.)  HIS FAVORITE TENNIES with a sweet note!  I LOVE MY WIFE TEE No explanation necessary.  ANTI-SNORE PILLOW Let's be honest, this is more of a gift for you than him.  TRUEFITT & HILL 1805 COLOGNE Quite possibly our favorite. (Apparently, Prince William wears this.  So does Liz's husband!)  COOKIES are the key to every man's heart.

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