Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Nicaragua - Paradise Found

In honor of the frigid temperatures across the U.S. tomorrow, we're reliving Lo's recent trip to Nicaragua. Let's just say if Jack and Sawyer had gotten Lost on Little Corn Island, they wouldn't have sought any sort of rescue. In January, Lo and her boyfriend spent a week in paradise, on Little Corn Island and San Juan del Sur. The Corn Islands off the coast of Nicaragua are one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean. Little Corn, however, is only accessible via a treacherous "panga" ride, which Lonely Planet warns "can get very rough and you may get soaked. Bring garbage bags to cover your luggage." (Note to self: when your guide book advises bring garbage bags, bring garbage bags.) Nonetheless, upon landing at Yemaya Hideway and Spa, the crystalline water, enchanting beaches and Gilligan's Island-esque jungles instantly made up for the Life of Pi boat ride. Daily yoga and smoothies replace cars and cell phone signals on Little Corn. Even the sharks are friendly, as Lo discovered during her dive certification when her instructor explained they act more like puppy dogs than predators. Alas, just like Gilligan's Island and Lost, this too had to come to an end. (We're actually still not really sure what happened at the end of Lost, but we'll save that discussion for another post.) We hope these few snap shots from Nica warm you right up! 

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